Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Season of the goat - Boston Globe

By Lisa Zwirn (Wiqan Ang for The Boston Globe)
Globe Correspondent / April 29, 2009

Who isn't happier spending more of each day basking in warm sunshine? For goats, that means nibbling on green pastures, and when they do, their milk takes on more complex and floral nuances, which translates into lovely cheese. Vermont Butter & Cheese Company of Websterville, Vt., produces both fresh and aged goat cheeses. (For a fresh goat cheese recipe, see far right.) Two of the aged are particularly special - and adorable. Ripened just 10 to 12 days, the button-like "bijou" (French for jewel; about $6) and small domed coupole (about $14) develop a delicate rind, which adds a mellowness to the creamy textured cheese. Perfect for springtime entertaining. Available at Concord Cheese Shop, 29 Walden St., Concord, 978-369-5778; Shubie's,16 Atlantic Ave., Marblehead, 781-631-0149; and Wasik's Cheese Shop, 61 Central St., Wellesley, 781-237-0916, or go to
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Monday, April 13, 2009

Tasty Hors d'Oeuvre 1-2-3

Bijou with Sun-Dried Tomatoes on Polenta

1 cup cooked polenta
1 Bijou
4 tablespoons marinated sun-dried tomatoes

Cook polenta according to directions on the package or use pre-cooked polenta (when cooking polenta use creme fraiche instead of cream if the recipe calls for it).
Once cooled, cut the polenta into small cubes (1x1 inch);
Top each cube with marinated sun-dried tomato;
Top each tomato with a small slice of Bijou

Serve it as a small hors d'oeuvre or cut larger slices and serve it on a fresh bed of "spring mix" as a salad.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spring is finally here!

First blooms from the Green Mountains...this means the snow is melting and the goats are going back to pasture! Look for our fresh cheeses for the fresh grassy and lemony taste of the new upcoming season!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Cheese Tasting Diner at New England Culinary Institute

Come and join us for a great evening of tasting cheese, matching wine and discover culinary creation from NECI students and chefs at the Chef's Table in Montpelier. Menu include:

Hazelnut crusted Bijou
Small field green salad drizzled with lemon juice and EVOO

Greek style Feta
Topped with fresh basil, black olive, roasted red pepper and EVOO

Bonne Bouche ravioli
Stuffed with butternut squash, dry fruits, nuts. Topped with a sliver of smoked cornish game hen breast

On a semolina crostini with fennel seed, pine nuts and golden raisins

Fromage Blanc Cheesecake

Fixed menu diner price: $35

For more info and reservation on NECI website: