Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cheese dinners in season

Columbus Day weekend in New England had diners out and about in Nantucket lapping up their last Island weekend of the season. It was a cheese celebration on the terrace, under the awning at The Boarding House. The afternoon was warm and sunny. The end of the season brought locals out to celebrate a prosperous summer with a tasting of wines and goat cheeses. The table was busy as regulars gathered a complimentary plate of fresh and aged Bijou, crottin, coupole and Bonne Bouche and a glass of wine. The Four course dinner featured a little something in each course from Vermont Butter and Cheese Co. The top dishes at our table were Local Halibut with a slab of sea salt butter melted on top. Flank steak atop a feta soufflé, and pear tarte tatin with fromage blanc ice cream for dessert. Thank you to Chef Erin Zircher for cooking up this menu. She packed the restaurant. Owners Angela and Seth Raynor were happy to host their neighbors. We are always happy to be invited to such a lovely place in the post tourist season.

Ferrying back to Boston we helped Louis Risoli at L’Espalier celebrate their new posh location in the Mandarin Hotel with their first “Cheese Tuesday” in their new location. Chef de Cuisine James Hackney developed a special 4 course tasting menu featuring our products. We dined on Pork with Bijou, lamb and Goat feta, a crisp cruditĂ© salad with creamy goat cheese, and their famous cheese board complete with Bijou, Coupole and Bonne Bouche. Perfect pairings of figs and honey adorned the cheese. Louis and Matt were in rare form as we all sang along to a Vermont Cheese song to the tune of the Turtles, “happy Together”. Cheese Tuesday, usually the first Tuesday of every month, is always fun party, great value and a chance for diners to hear a cheese story or two. I would highly recommend this night out in Boston.

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