Friday, December 26, 2008

Notes from the Cheese Primer Expert

Hi Allison

I took the Coupole and the butter and the Bonne Bouche down to LA (Lower Alabama) with me, and I told my mom and dad all about you, and I got to tell you, that Coupole just blows me away. You are a genius. I've been around a few chevres in my day, cozied up to a lot of them a lot of times. There is no other chevre that can touch yours. All aspects, Charentais, unmistakably, in style. As perfectly rendered as the finest AOC Chabichou." . I am in awe of your prowess. And if it wasn't you that made it, I do hope you will convey my sentiment to whoever it is.
Hope your Christmas is good and fun. Do be in touch.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

For the Love of Butter!

It is butter demo season and here is what people say when trying a spoon full of our now famous Vermont Cutlured Butter

"This butter is amazing - I've never had anything like it before!"

"tasted more like butter used to taste when I was growing up"

"the butter is really good" - " I heard about this butter"
"That Vermont Butter was just wonderful. What good butter should taste like. Wow that butter is out of this world. The butter taste so fresh and sweet. The butter really makes the bread taste good"
comments from Whole Foods Market Store Demo Details - Edgewater, NJ - November demo