Friday, November 21, 2008

Cheverny and Bijou

What better place to be than Michigan Ave., Chicago on Wednesday Nov. 5. Confetti from nearby Grant Park was still dancing in shoppers’ gazes as they stopped by
to snack on sea salt butter and Bijou. We toasted President-Elect Obama with some crisp Cheverny wine from the Loire Valley, a sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay blend. Pastoral is one of my favorite stores. The new one-year –old down town store is buzzing with professionals pouring out of their offices looking for a bottle and yummy cheese to pair. They have great meats and sandwiches as this is clearly a local hang out. What a great compliment to owners Greg and Ken. They take great care of their cheeses and they are generous with the samples and cheese talk with each customer.
It is a cozy place to be on a rainy fall evening.
Pastoral has 2 locations in Chicago:
2945 North Broadway and 53 East Lake Street
Toll frees: 800-721-4781 ~

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