Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dad, beer and cheese

Kids, what are you going to do for your Dad this Sunday? The poor guy has a long “honey do” list and many projects around the farm. What to do for a dad who cartoons greeting cards and creative gifts? The pressure is on and we need to give this some thought. Dads love beer on a hot summer day. He won’t be at Fenway Park or at the beach enjoying a brew but surely we can let him cut out of chores early to indulge him in a Vermont Beer and cheese tasting! There is always time to stop and enjoy some of his favorite food and drink together: Beer and cheese. And why not goat cheese? When we think of beer and cheese we immediately think of cheddar. Not so fast. In fact, fresh, lactic cheeses like goat cheese (chevre) pair well with microbrews.

Here are some Vermont pairings that we like:

Vermont Chevre and Magic Hat No 9. Fresh goat cheese is light and citrusy. It pairs great with apricots and the fruit of the No. 9 is refreshing.

Coupole or Bijou with Harpoon IPA. IPA’s with extra hops are big on flavor with floral tones and some pleasant bitterness. This beer needs and cheese that has lost some of its fresh citrus notes. Vermont Butter and Cheese Coupole and Bijou pair well because the rind has a mellow yeast flavor. The cheese gets soft and nutty tasting as it ages. For a lighter ale, choose Otter Creek’s “Otter Summer Ale” .

Bonne-Bouche and Woodchuck cider. Okay it’s not beer but it’s a great Vermont pairing. The cider smacks of effervescent apple. The cheese is soft and creamy like a dessert mousse. This is lunch.

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